domingo, 30 de septiembre de 2012

English day

English day

On 27 September in the school gmmc was celebrate a very popular holiday: "English day”; in this event was show different kinds of acts and activities during the day.
This day began in the central courtyard and with the formation where everything was plan to do a lot of different acts related in English to show a resume of a lot of communities and cultures from all the world. Also were show traditions and beliefs of these cultures. After all the activities in the central courtyard everyone went to their respective classroom. In each classroom had a different culture and the students have to represent the respective traditions, customs, and society and also how was the life of that culture. 

In the next images are some acts of the central courtyard and of those images is from one of the expositions:

That experience of that day was great for all the grade and that demonstrate that like group we can do whatever thing we propose if we really want do it so for the next year we hope than our promotion still be together and then all of we take an attitude toward the situations to know how can manage all the situation like group. We hope great results of all our effort during all those years of study and show that we are prepared. The next year we have to enjoy everything moment and all our partners and friends and teachers because is our last year in the school and then we are going to face the life like people prepared and serious. Because want is be able.

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